Garbage Lifting: Hangzhou offer container lifting services at DISTRICT WEST, DISTRICT MALIR & DISTRICT KEEMARI. Our hydraulic container hoists offer a more economical solution for handling waste collected in dumpsters throughout the city. The truck is equipped with powered forks on the front which the driver carefully aligns with sleeves on the waste container using a joystick or a set of levers. The waste container is then lifted over the truck. The waste that is lifted from the containers is taken to a transfer station and from there to the landfill. Resulting your area Cleaned.


HANGZHOU JINJIANG Group, is providing door-to-door garbage collection services. We approach to each area of the assigned District to collect the trash at your door step. Our Compactors, Mini Tippers, Suzuki’s and three Wheelers along with the Helpers collect the garbage at each door at 8:00 am. We implement a flawless system that is easy for all residents to understand and ensure a smooth transition to our service. We place great importance on the value and cleanliness of the whole Districts and would be pleased if you would use us as your priority and cooperate with us by disposing the garbage in the nearest waste container or by handing over to the Garbage collection teams.
We are currently very active in the DISTRICT WEST, the DISTRICT KEEMARI and the DISTRICT MALIR area. The Services are being provided by the HANGZHOU JINJIANG GROUP SANITATION SERVICES Hired by SINDH SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT BOARD. Let’s join hands together


At HANGZHOU JINJIANG Group we provide mechanical sweeping. We get the job done right with our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment adapted to different road conditions. We offer different types of sweeping in different areas of the district such as truckmounted vacuum sweepers for wide Roads containing brushes and water sprinklers. We prepare for the best of our services to ensure that you are at ease. Mechanical sweepers are used to pick up debris from a roadway. Using brooms and suction, the machine is able to pick the debris up. It is the most cost-effective Mechanical Street Sweeping. Our goal for mechanical sweeping is that it improves the aesthetic of your roads


Streets and roads are subject to pollution from various sources, for example: municipal agricultural waste, industrial waste, etc. Streets are polluted with waste including plastic bags, PET bottles, food packaging and waste, tree and plant waste, straw, dust particles, etc. As streets and highways have continuous traffic, the environment is polluted by the spread of dust particles by traffic, this waste can also cause accidents. Therefore, regular street cleaning is necessary to avoid these conditions and preserve the aesthetics of the environment. Street sweeping is done by hand. In manual sweeping, a sweeper uses a broom and shovel to clean up garbage, animal waste and dirt on the street.
The Hangzhou team is committed to providing you the best of their services for a healthy environment.