Who We Are!

Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Sanitation Services Co. Pakistan (pvt)Ltd is leader in municipal waste and resource recovery industry. Our scope covers the entire spectrum of the industry including landfill, recycling and resource recovery, energy from waste, organics, commercial and municipal, hazardous and bio hazardous waste sectors. We provides waste management services to various clients on a routine basis. We have developed strong relationships with treatment and disposal facilities, landfills, incinerators, recycling facilities, and laboratories. These relationships offer you peace of mind by utilizing only fully permitted and licensed facilities to safely manage your waste. Our experienced engineers and geologists have been responsible for complete design of hazardous waste and solid waste facilities.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was adopted by members at the Hangzhou Jin Jiang Group.

  • Work for the good of the Corporation and actively support and promote its objectives and purposes as set up in the constitution
  • Provide leadership for all sections of the industry to foster high ethical standards
  • Act to enhance public acceptance of the Corporation and waste management industry
  • Act honestly and with integrity
  • Foster openness and transparency of decision making in the Corporation and waste management industry
  • Act with respect of fellow members, the public and the obligations of the Corporation waste facilities.

CEO's Message!

It’s been 70 years of Pak China friendship, where the two countries stood next to one another through thick and thin. As the CEO of HANGZHOU JINJIANG SANITATION SERVICES PAKISTAN, we consider this as our soul duty to build a prosperous, Healthy and safe Pakistan. I pay my worthy gratitude to SSWMB (Sindh Solid Waste Management Board) For their continued support and cooperation to build a better Healthy Business Environment. We have won the trust and respect of government clients. I am constantly impressed by the resources and entrepreneurial quality people of Pakistan demonstrate and the tremendous value they bring to the company. We working as contractor with the local Government have found it very appealing to clean the Karachi CITY. We continue our struggle to lift the Garbage, Collect the Garbage from your home, provide you with the manual and Mechanical Sweeping along the road sides and provide you with the better healthy Environment. With the vision and mission "let's Keep the City Clean Together" we are motivated to keep our moral high and provide you with a better environment to breath in.

(CEO Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Pakistan)